Town Hall Crazy Miller ain’t That Crazy


Craig Miller is one of the Health Care Town Hall constituents who was just driven so CRAZY by the socialism that he had to be one of the folks who confronted Arlen Specter in Lebanon, PA. He actually wanted to deliver a list of ways he believes President Obama has broken his oath. Like appointing a car czar, or ah…some other things like having Jay-Z on his iPod. He is anti-Democrat. On morning meeting he listed the politicians he doesn’t trust. A sampling: Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank and oh yea…anyone else with a D by their name on a ballot.

But, I am writing about this constituent twice, unfortunately, because this hero, a stalwart and principled anti-socialist, anti-marxist, black radical exposer apparently collects disability checks from the same government he doesn’t trust to reform health care or to run any government agency, except the Social Security Administration. They are OK. Guess he is only hopping mad until that check from the Social Security Administration pops up in his mailbox. Here he is being interviewed by Dylan Ratigan on MSNBC’s Morning Meeting:

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He can’t be that crazy because he understands one simple logical rule: when you get a check in the mail, you cash it. Or maybe, that’s just the Marxist magic that the Democrats use to confuse us: the socialist policy that pays just feels so so damn free market.