Who tagged you in those pics from Cancun?


It matters. You may want to tighten up your privacy settings:

Facebook was the most popular site for researching job candidates this year—no surprise there, since Facebook has exploded in popularity as of late. “Professional” networking site LinkedIn came in second at 26 percent, MySpace came in third at 21 percent, 11 percent read blogs, and seven percent followed candidates’ updates on Twitter. Paranoid yet about any of your recent tweets?

If you’re looking for a job, you probably should be. More than a third of survey respondents said that they found info that caused them not to hire the person applying for the job, including “provocative or inappropriate photographs,” content related to drinking or using drugs, and finding postings that badmouthed previous employers, coworkers, or clients. Other candidates showed poor communication skills on their social networking profiles, made discriminatory comments, lied about their qualifications, or shared confidential information from a previous employer. The one that made us cringe? “16 percent dismissed a candidate for using text language such as GR8 (great) in an e-mail or job application.”

via Uncouth Facebook postings closing doors for job candidates – Ars Technica.