Eric Cantor has a health care solution


A constituent asked Cantor about her friend who:

  • worked for years and owns a home and is inelligible for government assistance
  • had employer based health care that disappeared with her termination
  • shortly thereafter was diagnosed with tumors in her stomach that need to be treated immediately.

Cantor’s Health Care Solution: Oh my, did you lose your employer funded insurance? There’s probably a government program out there you don’t know about that can help you, if not some charity may hook you up.

The minority whip dodged the question, pure and simple. It betrays the real stance of most GOP legislators at this time. They have not engaged in any real policy thought regarding health care. Health care is a personal, business and quality of life issue. It affects every segment of our society and if a legislator has nothing besides “tort reform” to offer as a health care solution then they are not serious about their duties.