“the paddle was both vibrating and not vibrating simultaneously”


Uh, What?

They began with a a tiny mechanical paddle, or ‘quantum drum’, around 30 micrometres long that vibrates when set in motion at a particular range of frequencies. Next they connected the paddle to a superconducting electrical circuit that obeyed the laws of quantum mechanics. They then cooled the system down to temperatures below one-tenth of a kelvin.

At this temperature, the paddle slipped into its quantum mechanical ground state. Using the quantum circuit, Cleland and his team verified that the paddle had no vibrational energy whatsoever. They then used the circuit to give the paddle a push and saw it wiggle at a very specific energy.

Next, the researchers put the quantum circuit into a superposition of ‘push’ and ‘don’t push’, and connected it to the paddle. Through a series of careful measurements, they were able to show that the paddle was both vibrating and not vibrating simultaneously.

“It’s wonderful,” says Hailin Wang, a physicist at the University of Oregon in Eugene who has been working on a rival technique for putting an oscillator into the ground state. The work shows that the laws of quantum mechanics hold up as expected on a large scale. “It’s good for physics for sure,” Wang says.

via Scientists supersize quantum mechanics : Nature News.

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  1. Ryan

    If time is simultaneous, reality equates perspective which leaves reality to be malleable & everything is constantly adapting then what is stumping scientists? Granted science in itself is just as effable as the men who turn it’s gears. Frankly, in their time the mayans counted in 3’s & were well ahead of their earthly counterparts… Why is it will still look at their foundation as primitive? Our baseline (mathematics) is flawed, I have discovered a more cogent form of understanding. For f**k’s sake would at least one of those who can aide me in sharing this with the world give me the time of day & not try to steal my work….? Please lol, I’m getting sick of being back handed by the little human illusion nazis. I’m sick of being doubted by fools, the illusion of knowledge is what is stopping science from progressing. I’m ready to change the world now, maybe get funded well enough to prove that I can prove the existence of a conscious (God) with logic, replace the scientific method etc. If everything is defined by it’s interpretation how could observation be any less subjective than “success”… bc the latter is no more than general perspective over vainglory or the lack there of… Contact me, change the world before it kills itself please.. Oh & by the world I mean all men, women & children. I can already prove this I just need open minds with big ears.

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