“Why don’t you just…?”


The millennials are the brainiest, best-educated generation ever. Yet their elders often stop them from reaching their full potential, argues Robert Guest

Source: Generation Uphill

Yes. We (elders) have let college prices inflate from a factor of x times the minimum wage to y times the minimum wage.

Our thirst for bigger, badder houses and of course the derivatives leveraged to the hilt against the mortgages created an almost dollar breaking crisis.

We have perfected the “never ending, over there war against an idea”. We started this as the “cold war” against “communism in countries not named USSR” now it’s the “War on terror” against “terrorism perpetuated by Muslims” which asks young people to enlist, fight and have their minds and bodies destroyed by the horrors of war.

The private stadium funded with public cash, debt and tax breaks has become the standard from the mighty NFL down to the niche MLS. Allowing billionaires to demand hundreds of millions every 15 or so years. In addition, new prisons are erected all the time and fueled by incarceration of men who drop out of extremely poor high schools our elected officials cannot seem to run correctly.

and yet..our advice to them is “Why don’t you just…?”. Anyone that says that to “kids these days” doesn’t understand what kids these days are really up against,