about luimbe


Thank my Angolan parents for the awesome name (I do). I’m a software developer (currently .Net although Perl got me first) living in the “City that loves you back”. If you want to talk to me about a programming contract or job browse to dev.luimbe.com.

I grew up in Harrisburg, Pa ran XC and sang Dear Old Susquehanna at graduation then came to Philly. I learned Computer and Electrical Engineering, pledged Kappa Alpha Psi, played Rugby led the Black Student Union and was a member of the Campus Activities Board during my years at Drexel University. I stuck with rugby after DU by joining with Schuylkill River Exiles RFC in the Summer of 2000.

I’m a Phillies, Eagles, Sixers and Union fan (that Phillies parade was one of the best days of my time in Philly). I get Flyer’d up if they make the playoffs. I grew up watching MacNeil / Lehrer News Hour with my parents & do much of the same now except my go to is Melissa Harris-Perry Show aka #NerdLand.