Why run this eponymous blog? | Oct 4, 2012

I formerly had a blog named “blog on the block” with two friends, but it ended up being a dud. I wanted to write about the stuff I wrote about here and I realized talking about things with your homies is not the same as writing about it for the world. Also the name sucked: Blog On the Block. Really. Lastly, I tried to start with too many folks, grew it too soon without a real plan, and frankly I wasn’t personally confident in anything I posted. I still wanted to blog. So I regrouped and came up with this a couple years later.

I started writing in 2009, and have kept up pretty steady since then. I write for a few reasons. The main reason is to get things I think about out of my head so I can look at them, see if they make sense and can be organized into some sort of coherent discussion (or argument). Cognitive psychologists call this semantic chunking, many of us would just call it thinking straight and it helps in all ways professional and personal. It’s also fun to sometimes look back and see if something you wrote holds up: were you right? does it feel right reading it? and grammar. Most of it doesn’t. Which is why it’s fun to look back and see my own evolution of thought.

Also, I try to limit my posts to viewpoints that I feel are important to me or represent a view of another person that is not widely presented or acknowledged. The comments are there so that if anyone feels I’m off base, they can say so.