Elections in Iran


h/t Time Magazine via hilzoy of Obsidian Wings:

“They tricked us into this whole thing. They got us out in droves, only to fool us and credit themselves,” one woman watching the clashes said, unable to hold back her tears.

“I even got five of my family members who had not voted since the revolution to come out and vote,” she sobbed. “Shame on me!”

I hope she realizes there is no shame in what she did. Shame on the oppressors who so covet power they would dash the hopes and dreams of their own people. Shame on our US media for not jumping on this story. Shame on us for not having a President, until now, who would simply be honest about our centrality to today’s Iranian and help us find common ground. But no shame to these voters, who cast their vote and expected some dignity in return.

A huge event is taking place in a country key to the progress of Middle East politics, yet our main stream media is dropping the ball. This should be a top story being that we are fighting two wars in this region and one of our closest ally’s new leader, Netanyahu, has signaled he would preemptively strike Iran.

Jaun Cole on why he thinks the election was stolen.

Gary Sick walks through the events, step by step.

Andrew Sullivan has been pulling in info from all types of media and has some great reader contributions compiled in this post.

Steve Clemens at the Washington Note talked to a source and he relays his informant’s fears of what turmoil is within the Iranian government and where it will lead.

Update: Roger Cohen is in Tehran for the New York Times. He made this video on Election eve.

Update: Cliffyon at DailyKos is translating Iranian news sources from Farsi