Obama for Corzine


Time Magazine White House Photo Blog - Get To The Point - President Obama speaks at a rally for New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine in Holmdel, NJ. [Time White House Photo Blog]

To see some of Obama’s speeches in front of certain audiences in different regions is always interesting to me. Obama at one point says “It’s a lil’ warm in here”, sheds his jacket, and Corzine, not Reggie Love or another aide, promptly grabs it from him. Personally, I immediately thought of James Brown’s “please, please, please” cape routine. It was a little piece of showmanship I think translated well for his audience. Between this and his speech to the NAACP Centennial Conference, Barack Obama let loose a little bit yesterday on the stump.

[NJ Gov. Jon Corzine at DailyKos.com]