What line can’t a Police cross?

Images from surveillance video courtesy Fox29/myfoxphilly.com

Images from surveillance video courtesy Fox29/myfoxphilly.com

A young woman is “rear ended” at low speed by some punk. She and her companions berate the irresponsible punk as he drives away. That punk follows them and calls his punk father, who happens to be a Philadelphia Police Officer, and his father threatens her, her friends and a gas station store clerk where the unarmed young woman and her unarmed friends were minding there own business. After this happens, he tells the clerk to ditch the tape. Lopez wanted it to be blue word vs. her word.

The clerk on duty the night that Lopez confronted Lawless told investigators that three times after the incident, police officers spoke with him about the security tape and that two asked if he would erase it.
An Internal Affairs investigation found no misconduct among officers who spoke with the clerk about the tape. But it concluded that Lopez had verbally abused Lawless, had jammed his gun into her face and had violated departmental procedures that night.
[Dave Davies Philadelphia Daily News]

Oh, guess what: he’s still a cop. Full duty. The DA, Lynne Abraham, wouldn’t prosecute. Screw her. The mayor? With his “stop and frisk” policy, he is an anti-civil rights mayor. He can kick rocks as well.
[Story and Video Courtesy of Police One]