McCain nominated Palin for Vice-President


The capable second string at the Daily Dish points to the following TNR article:

Before Palin left the state to become John McCain’s running partner, she cultivated a good, if not exactly chummy, working relationship with Alaskan Democrats by pushing for an oil-tax increase and ethics reform. And state Republicans embraced Palin as the new face of a party that had been tarnished by scandal-ridden politicians like Ted Stevens. But upon returning to Juneau last fall, “she managed to alienate most of the 60 members of [the Alaska] House and Senate,” says Larry Persily, an aide to state Republican Representative Mike Hawker. “It wasn’t a matter of burning bridges–she blew them up.”

[via Ready for Her Close-Up – Suzy Khimm –]

Palin is a bridge burner. Pit Bull in a china shop. One of the many traits that make her ineffective as a leader and continues to push her disapproval ratings up.