Disagree, not Disavow


Gates and Crowley can vehemently disagree. But they don’t have to believe America is for one or the other. I think that is the genius of this photo op. Professor Gates explains that pretty well at The Root:

Obama, Biden, Gates, and Crowley have a drink at the White House

Obama, Biden, Gates, and Crowley have a drink at the White House

Thank God we live in a country where speech is protected, a country which guarantees and defends my right to speak out when I believe my rights have been violated; a country that protects us from arrest when we do express our views, no matter how unpopular.

And thank God that we have a President who can rise above the fray, bridge age-old differences and transform events such as this into a moment in the evolution of our society’s attitudes about race and difference. President Obama is a man who understands tolerance and forgiveness, and our country is blessed to have such a leader.

The national conversation over the past week about my arrest has been rowdy, not to say tumultuous and unruly. But we’ve learned that we can have our differences without demonizing one another. There’s reason to hope that many people have emerged with greater sympathy for the daily perils of policing, on the one hand, and for the genuine fears about racial profiling, on the other hand.

via Henry Louis Gates Jr. on his meeting with Sgt. Crowley at the White House.