Eagles RBs: Is B-West the only blocking back?


Brian Westbrook is a running back with all the tools: rushing, receiving and blocking. Lorenzo Booker can’t do any of the three well, and rookie LeSean McCoy:

In the one-on-one blocking drill, Eagles rookie running back LeSean McCoy ducked his head to lean into Kyle Eckel, who was pretending to be a pass rusher. Eckel quickly got an arm over McCoy and tossed him aside.

Running-backs coach Ted Williams responded like a bandleader who has just heard one of his charges hit a note so flat it hurt his ears.

“Ohhhh! Never, never, never, never put your head down,” Williams told the second-round pick. “It’s always, ‘Head up, butt down.’ ”

via Eagles rookie running back McCoy finding he has a lot to learn | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/01/2009.

That’s frightening. In my opinion, this makes taking a look at Edge or even Warrick Dunn worthwhile. They can serve as insurance for the oft injured Westbrook.