Chris Rock’s new documentary “Good Hair”


I heard about this a while ago and I’m anxious to see this documentary treatment of this issue:

“I tell my daughters I love them 70 times a day,” [Rock] says. “I hug them and I kiss them — I’m that kind of dad. To hear my daughter did not like something about herself when I’m telling her she’s beautiful every single minute of the day really had me thinking about hair again. “She was only five at the time,” he continues, “and she was already having concerns about her hair — she’s already having hair envy. I felt I needed to understand more deeply how these issues are related: African-American women and their hair. And then I remembered the idea for a documentary.”

…”In our world, the issues of beauty and conformity run very deep — and men don’t always understand how truly deep those issues go for women,” says executive producer Nelson George. “It reaches all women: Asian, Hispanic, black, and white.” And for black women, the issue can be incredibly polarizing, affecting other areas of their lives — there’s a segment in the film where men discuss not ever having touched their wives’ hair.

via Chris Rock takes on black hair – Pam Spaulding guest blogging for Glenn Greenwald –

Chris Rock is a great comedian as social commentator and hopefully he suprises black folk with new info and further contextualizes the “good hair” culture of wigs, hot irons, imported hair, caustic chemicals, tons of hours in salon and barbershop chairs intended to conceal/change hair. Its almost seems like a pathology or social syndrome. Here is the trailer for the movie:

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