More Math, Smarter Kids


Math makes kids become smarter adults.

Mr Goodman has found that each extra required maths course raised the annual income of black males by 15%. (More reading classes had a negative or no effect on earnings.) More maths also increased the likelihood of young black men going to university and someday having a job requiring quantitative skills.


Of course, finding qualified teachers to teach advanced maths courses will not be easy. According to a study published by the Education Trust in 2002, many middle- and high-school maths classes are taught by teachers who did not even minor in a mathematical field. Attracting qualified maths teachers will require paying them more. That presents a challenge, not only for strained state budgets, but for local teaching unions who often oppose market-based pay for hard-to-fill jobs.

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Many? I wonder what the statistical signifigance of many is in this study. I don’t disagree with the assertion, but some percentages should be provided to prove signifigance of this statistic.