Favre Will Sell Jerseys, but He’s not Elite Anymore


Brett Favre is no longer a top tier NFL Quarterback. A person who actually watched employee #4 play for the Jets or Packers in the last 5 years knows this. Ask his immediate ex-teammate NY Jets RB Thomas Jones. Don’t trust that testimony? Cold, Hard Football facts breaks it down for those adults who still see HOF QB Brett Favre play when in reality it is underachieving employee #4.

The fantasy about Brett Favre, the one perpetuated by many pigskin “pundits” and football fans, is that he’s still one of the best quarterbacks in the game. In fact, some do believe that he’s the “missing link” between another disappointing season for the otherwise talented Vikings and a Super Bowl championship.

The Minnesota organization certainly believes that he’s the missing link, or they wouldn’t have courted the aging quarterback — he’s older than Leif Erikson in football years — for the past several months, finally signing him in an act of desperation three weeks into training camp.

But the fantasies that surround Favre and his legions of media apologists conflict with reality.

via Cold, Hard Football Facts.com: A complete guide to Favre’s 21st century disasters.

The folks at Cold, Hard Football Facts go on to empirically and anecdotally affirm employee #4 is an interception machine. Not just any old interception machine: he is a mind boggling, team killing, soul crushing interception machine. A turnover can hurt a football team. Favre is very hurtful.

Despite reality of a 1-4 Jets finish, largely due to #4’s 9 interceptions vs. two touchdowns during those games, another coach has convinced himself that employee #4 can click his cleats and go back to being HOF QB Brett Favre. Brad Childress, the Vikings Head Coach and executive VP of Favre wooing believes in HOF QB Brett Favre so much, he was willing to personally pick up employee #4 from the airport so that he could hand him the starting QB position with a salary of $25 million over two years.

All this after Favre conveniently agreed to comeback after missing all of those grueling two a day practices during training camp where now backup QBs Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels competed for a starting spot they now know they were never really competing for.

This is the same Vikings Head Coach Brad Childress who infamously fined Troy Williamson for missing a game to bury his maternal grandmother. This grandmother was the main parent for Williamson and his Siblings, two of whom were in the military and one of whom was hospitalized for months prior to their grandmother’s death.

When John Madden, the patron saint of the video game industry, tellustrating, football color analysts and extolling the legend of HOF QB Favre thinks this latest comeback is a bad idea, maybe a coach and GM who can’t look at the evidence in front of their eyes shouldn’t be coach and GM anymore.