President Obama: Ramadan Kareem


A Novel Idea continues: Our President speaks to Muslims as human beings.

It will be interesting to see how Americans view this YouTube message.

Most folks will see this as outreach to Muslim US citizens as well as citizens in countries such as Indonesia, the largest Islamic democracy that just conducted a peaceful election where challenges to the result were filed in court and not manifested in violent coup. It is also an outreach to the citizens of Iran, where the government has violently reacted to a voting public and their peaceful protests, to let them know that we have a President that will not embark on a religious crusade against Gog, Magog, terrorism, Islam or anything else as Commander in Chief. I, personally, tend to agree with these people.

Some others (aka the crazy GOP Right Wing fringe, which is more and more becoming the GOP base) will see this as proof that President Obama, in this latest edition of blatantly apologetic appeasement of islamo-fascist terrorists, is indeed the anti-christ, Nazi,socialist, kenyan-indonesian, Muslim, Manchurian Candidate, under-dressed, puppet of teh Jews. I, personally, tend to disagree with these people.