The Real Roxanne is Dr. Shante (Update: She Lied)


Update: Roxanne Shante is apparently lying about everything and the Daily News didn’t check their sources. So f*ck this story! Thanks for the follow up

Shanté’s claim to be a “doctor” also fails to check out. She’s not a medical doctor, and she admits (and Cornell confirms) that she lacks a Ph.D. And a search of the New York Office of the Professions licensing database fails to reveal licenses to practice psychology or in any related field for either “Lolita Gooden” or “Roxanne Shanté.”

More rookie athletes should try and work in contract clauses like Roxanne Shante’s Rap as student aid:

After two albums, Shante said, she was disillusioned by the sleazy music industry and swindled by her record company. The teen mother, living in the Queensbridge Houses, recalled how her life was shattered. “Everybody was cheating with the contracts, stealing and telling lies,” she said. “And to find out that I was just a commodity was heartbreaking.” But Shante, then 19, remembered a clause in her Warner Music recording contract: The company would fund her education for life. She eventually cashed in, earning a Ph.D. in psychology from Cornell to the tune of $217,000 – all covered by the label. But getting Warner Music to cough up the dough was a battle. via Rapper behind ‘Roxanne’s Revenge’ gets Warner Music to pay for Ph.D.

“We came here tonight to get started, To cold act ill or get retarded…”

Roxanne Shante & Biz Markie – “The Def Fresh Crew”