Gawker is up to the task of journalism, Conde Nast…not so much.


Gawker goes to the lengths of real journalism that GQ would not and crowd sourced a translation of the GQ article about Putin:

In an act of publishing cowardice, Condé Nast has gone to extraordinary lengths to prevent Russians from reading a GQ article criticizing Vladimir Putin. As a public service, we’re running it here and ask for your help in translating it.
[…] The article, “Vladimir Putin’s Dark Rise to Power” by veteran war correspondent Scott Anderson, quotes a former KGB official on the record and at length implicating Russia’s shadow leader in a string of Moscow apartment bombings that killed hundreds in 1999 and were officially blamed on Chechen terrorists. The wave of fear created by the attacks played a critical role in launching Putin to power.

via Banned GQ article on Putin – Conde Nast – Gawker.