Mousavi on the “Green Path of Hope” – Tehran Bureau


Mousavi is continuing to organize on behalf of his voters. From Tehran Bureau:

Mousavi then outlines what the hardliners can do to get the country out of the present crisis. The minimum, in his view, includes the following:

  • Forming a truth commission, one whose findings and verdicts are likely to be accepted by all sides, to investigate the violations of law, fraud during and after the election, and punishing those who were responsible.
  • Revising the election law in such a way that free and fair elections can be held.
  • Identifying and punishing those who were responsible for the crimes committed by all organs of the government, including military, police, and the media.
  • Helping those who have been hurt and injured after the elections, especially those who have lost loved ones; releasing from prison all the campaign workers and political activists; dismissing the bogus charges against them; restoring their credibility, and ending all the threats against them.
  • Putting into practice Article 168 of the Constitution by defining precisely what constitutes a political offense, and using a jury when the offenders are put on trial.
  • Guaranteeing freedom of the press, and changing the biased behavior of the Voice and Visage in order to eliminate all the limitations on its programs so that the political parties can use the Voice and Visage to express their positions regarding various issues, and revising the law that governs the Voice and Visage to make it responsive to people’s demands.
  • Putting to practice Article 44 of the Constitution regarding privatization so that private radio and television stations can also be created.
  • Guaranteeing the right of the people to gather and demonstrate by putting into effect Article 27 of the Constitution.
  • Passing legislation forbidding the military from intervening in political as well as economic affairs.

via Mousavi on the “Green Path of Hope” – Tehran Bureau.