Peggy Noonan: My president on political shows? Well I never…!


Peggy Noonan

Get it? Peggy Noonan aka Ms. Manners has some updates to our contemporary understanding of a few terms:

  • “boorish”: appearing on six political shows to discuss political issues
  • “young man”: 48 year old adult male
  • “in your face”: when someone is on your television more than once a day. (regardless of whether said television has a “power” or channel up/down capability

Let me give it a try:

Ms. Degeneres is actually intending to host a daily chat show, provide opinions for that amateur talent carnival and lend her celebrity endorsement rights for that dime store makeup company? I must say, I feel as if she is too much of a “Cover Girl”. I feel an urge to lean away from her, as she is always in my face. I am appalled by what an absolutely boorish young woman she has become!

I’m so cultured now.