John Edwards: Idiot enabled by Idiot


Worst Wingman, Staffer, Yes Man ever

Pictured above is a kind of idiot who, even when married with children, would hear out John Edwards’ scheme for covering up his tryst with “videographer” Rielle Hunter.

Edwards: Hey Andy, you know how I talk about two Americas?

Young: Uh-huh

Edwards: Well, this will be two Americas, one where you admit to my affair, ruin your family, I throw you under the campaign bus (only pretend like), end your career so that we can save my slim chances to ever become President Of The ol’ USA, the other America where I know you are the best wingman in the world.

Young: Yes, when do we start?

That son of mill worker is an idiot and apparently Andrew Young was his right hand dunce.

Former Edwards staffer Andrew Young has said he was the girl’s father — but has recanted and says he made it because he believed in Edwards, lawyers and others familiar with the matter told CNN.

Young was married with children when he claimed to have fathered Hunter’s child. He never signed any affidavits or legal papers, however, and reversed his claim after Edwards, as one of the sources put it, dropped Young “like a hot potato.”

via Edwards asked aide to claim paternity, sources say –

I have to say, Andrew Young seems even worse of a guy than Edwards. Shouldn’t Edwards have come away from that meeting with a black eye?