Senator Webb on General McChrystal and the Chain of Command


The Obama Administration, Secretary of Defense Gates, Adm. Jones and Gen. Petraeus cannot be pleased with the General who is in charge of the “war of necessity” kneecapping the executive branches policy deliberations from lecterns in London. Senator Jim Webb puts the situation into the simple context of following the chain of command.

Eugene Robinson is on the same page as Webb:

McChrystal’s view — that a strategy employing fewer resources, in pursuit of more limited goals, would be “short-sighted” — is something the White House needs to hear. He is, after all, the man Obama put in charge in Afghanistan, and it would be absurd not to take his analysis of the situation into account. But McChrystal is out of line in trying to sell his position publicly, as he did last week in a speech in London.

via Eugene Robinson – Gen. McChrystal’s War of Words –