Welcome to the Gun Show. No background needed


New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg sent undercover operatives to gun shows and had them attempt to purchase guns without background checks using the “collector’s loop hole”. 74% of the undercover gun show sales went down without a background check.

35 of 47 gun sellers sold to people who said either they probably could not pass a background check or to apparent “straw purchasers.” The videos will be available on www.nyc.gov/gunshow. The accompanying report, Gun Show Undercover, also available online, documents the extent of the gun show problem, the City’s investigative techniques, and offers recommendations on how illegal sales can be prevented.

The undercover investigation sent professional investigators to seven gun shows in Nevada, Ohio, and Tennessee to determine whether sellers would engage in two types of illegal transactions. The first involves private sellers selling guns to people who they thought could not pass a federal background check. The second involves licensed dealers conducting illegal straw sales, which are sales made to accomplices posing as buyers in order to help the real buyer avoid a criminal background check.

via NYC.gov .

Check out videos of the sales on NYC.gov