This is not a Good Media Strategy


Whoever thought it was a good idea to begin preemptively castigate Fox News for being a Republican shill news station, which it is, is not thinking straight.

It was enough to not book debates on Fox News, not to have the President book time on the network during his health care reform blitz and to let the News Corp. pundits and hosts sit in an echo chamber while throw their own stupid ideas back and forth between each other. The White House shouldn’t waste time pushing initiatives that won’t change anything. Starting a flame war with Fox News which has a major news driven network, feeds the international news of hundreds of local affiliates and News Corp newspapers, a variety of major publishers and a new business TV network is not the way.

This comes across as complaining that the football team you are playing against keeps committing penalties and they don’t get called. You either fight your way through the penalties (get bills passed, make diplomatic gains and steady the job market) and or you covertly kneecap them in response (leave Fox News out of Presidential media blitzes, elevate other more powerful conduits such as Univision over Fox News).