Former Fox News Analyst Jane Hall says MSNBC has no debates


Jane Hall doesn’t think MSNBC has any conservatives on. Of course Howard Kurtz doesn’t disagree.

HALL: No, I didn’t. The reason I left was in part because they’ve had less debates than they used to. It is a fair point to say how much debate is there on MSNBC? How many Republican strategists? We have a bifurcation of the media.

The proof doesn’t support Hall’s beliefs.

MSNBC hosts three hours of Joe Scarborough’s Morning Joe every morning where his regular guests include right wing political analysts Pat Buchanan, Peggy Noonan, Dan Senor, Mike Murphy, Tucker Carlson and Liz Cheney. Chris Matthews regularly hosts a variety of conservative commentators on the Hardball with Chris Matthews political round table. These repeat panelists have included Dick Armey, Tom Delay and Bill Donahue. Ed Schultz has Tom Tancredo and other conservatives on his show regularly and Rachel Maddow has hosted right wing figures such as Tom Ridge, Rick Berman and Tim Phillips to come on her show, one on one and debate issues. This doesn’t even go into MSNBC News live where conservatives are always invited on to discuss their point of view.

When Jane Hall regularly appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s, The O’Reilly Factor, it was usually opposite O’Reilly and conservative author Bernard Goldberg.