What NFC East opponent should Eagles fans hate Most?


I agree with Ray Didinger. the Cowboys aren’t the team I hate most.

I tried to explain to the guy that the Cowboys didn’t come up with the name. It was the creation of Bob Ryan, an NFL Films senior producer, who used it as the title for one of the Dallas highlight films. Of course, Tex Schramm, the team president, was quick to embrace it, and like everything else about the Cowboys, it raised the ire of Philadelphia.

Most Eagles fans just accept the Dallas rivalry as part of their Philadelphia birthright. They assume the Cowboys have always been Public Enemy No. 1 around here, but that isn’t so. Older fans remember that in the ‘50s, the Eagles’ rival was the New York Giants and that was true for most of the ‘60s as well.

The Cowboys didn’t join the NFL until 1960 and they were such a pitiful bunch for the first six years, it was hard to take them seriously. The Eagles won eight of the first 10 games in the series and no one thought much about it.

But in 1966, the Cowboys got good, and they started strutting right away. They routed the Eagles 56-7 in the Cotton Bowl, and they were still throwing the ball to run up the score late in the fourth quarter. The Eagles were angry and they got a measure of revenge with a bizarre 24-23 win at Franklin Field three weeks later.

via Eagles and Cowboys Meet for 100th Time Sunday.

For me its Giants, Skins and then Cowboys. Why? Most Cowboys fans I know, (all except one) have never gone to a Cowboys’ game in Dallas and grew up in the north east. They are fakers in my view. They are ripe for ridicule. I grew up around more Giants and ‘Skins fans more than anything so I always had an object for my ire.

But I will hate the Cowboys enough this weekend.