Thanks for 2009 Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies cap logo (1970-1991)

Philadelphia Phillies cap logo (1970-1991) ™ Philadelphia Phillies

Only one team is happy at the end of every season and unfortunately the New York Yankees are that team after defeating an often out of sorts 2009 NL Champion Philadelphia Phillies team in game six to take the World Series 4-2. Hats off to them. Today you will see snide comments about the Yankees buying the championship, none of those sour grapes here. The Phillies are consistently have one of the top 10 baseball payrolls and are one of these big market teams that supports the salary cap-less MLB system and from what I can remember are fine with the status quo. I think the real turning point was Alicia Keys’ hips. I know I couldn’t concentrate.

Our 2008 World Series MVP Cole Hamels and our perfect 2008 closer Brad Lidge were shadows of their championship selves in 2009, and our prolific lineup and scrappy bullpen weren’t able to compensate for that on MLB’s biggest stage.

We couldn’t do it for Harry Kalas. If you turn on WIP 610 AM or ESPN 950 AM, I am sure you will hear Phillies fans who are ready to hate both of them forever. Not Me. As a fan of the Phillies, Eagles, Sixers and to a lesser extent the Flyers, I refuse to forget any of the guys that brought us that drought ending championship parade down Broad Street on Halloween 2008. At 32, it was the only championship I actually remember.

Thanks to the Philadelphia Phillies for an exciting 2009 season. When do pitchers and catchers report?

A replica of the "HK" patch worn by the Philadelphia Phillies to remember the passing of Harry Kalas in 2009