Deacon Jones influence is not lost to history


David “Deacon” Jones. A terror to all quarterbacks in his day.

And, thanks to these resources, we now know this: the game that Jones lorded over in the 1960s no longer exists. The art of the sack is quickly being legislated from the game in the NFL’s blind rush to put skirts on its quarterbacks and produce pinball-sized scores.

via Cold, Hard Football Where have you gone, Deacon Jones?.

Still seems ready to stomp someone down. They don’t make ’em like Deacon anymore, do they?

“I’d Gouge his eyes out in a minute! I’d stick my fingers right in his eye.” -Deacon Jones

Florida Gators inside linebacker Brandon Spikes, whose major is Anthropology in the college of Social & Behavioral Sciences at UF, probably just wants to know the answer to the question for anyone in a socially awkward situation: “What else am I supposed to do with my hands? In what era did people begin to gouge?” He’s such a Larry David.

“Sacking the Quarterback is like you devastating a city, or you cream a multitude of people. It’s like you put all the offensive players in one bag and I just took a baseball bat and beat on the bag.” -Deacon Jones

Elizabeth Lambert, former Defender for the New Mexico Lobos Women’s Soccer team apparently believes “Football is Football, even when its soccer.” Ms. Lambert is a junior studying Occupational Therapy. Her favorite food is Tacos and “players from that f*cking Mormon school”.

May I suggest the Lambert and Spikes Counseling and Wellness Center at the Deacon Jones Pavilion?