Spike in Congenital Birth Defects in Iraq


In addition to horrifically burning the skin, ingesting white phosphorous may cause liver, heart or kidney damage, according to the Agency For Toxic Substances and Disease Registry PDF. The DoD denied using white phosphorous against “insurgents” until 2005 when the Pentagon admitted US forces used white phosphorous as “an incendiary weapon” during the assault on Fallujah in 2004.In an interview with The Independent, Professor Paul Rodgers of the University of Bradford department of peace studies, said it probably would fall into the category of chemical weapons if it was used directly against people.

via Allison Kilkenny – Unreported – Explosion of birth defects in Iraq – True/Slant.

Kilkenny’s post has a video from The Guardian showing some of the babies affected by congenital birth defects. Some think US bombs using white phosphorous may be the culprit. Its very disturbing.