RNC is (re)loading for 2010


Apparently, Michael Steele and the RNC is gearing up for the dirty fight through 2010 by recruiting the creator of the infamous and yet effective “White Hands” political advertisement:

Update 6:03 p.m.: Alex Castellanos, a Republican media consultant, will take over as a senior communications adviser to RNC Chairman Michael Steele, according to a source familiar with the move. The announcement of Castellanos’ role comes hours after communications director Trevor Francis announced he was leaving the committee. But, Castellanos is taking on the strategic role on a permanent — not interim — basis, according to the source.

via The Fix – RNC loses communications director, Castellanos signs on.

Advice to Dems? Get health care passed, get climate change passed and find a way to direct stimulus and any available funding towards creating jobs. And for the good of your campaign? Stay above board and show some class.