Apparently, no White House Correspondents have been to a night club


Security’s job at any social event with a high profile target is to ask:

  1. How do I know who not to let in?
  2. How do I know who should be let in? (eg Tickets PLUS name PLUS what kind of Identification?)
  3. Where do I send people who should be let in? (eg another check point?)
  4. What are the points of entry to the event and perimeter we have to secure?
  5. Which entry points are for what type of guests?
  6. Where is a holding area for people with disputes?

Any event with the president and foreign dignitaries should have some of the most stringent protocols in place. I’m am sure I am missing some, but that was just what I went over with people who worked the door at my college house parties and processes you can observe at any big city bottle service night club. The Secret Service had multiple check points. At each checkpoint license plate numbers, identification documents and correctly spelled names should have been required to positively match an officially provided list. “Your license plate nor your name appears on this list. Please, out of the line, and away to the perimeter”. The White House Social Office did its job which is providing a list of guests. If a dignitary showed up and wasn’t on the list appropriately, then that lapse would be the responsibility of the White House Social Secretary. Gate crashers? Secret Service is fully to blame. As

Note: I have many issues with the effectiveness of the Congressional Black Caucus, but apparently “The Folks” know what to do with a gate crasher: get. to. steppin’!