‘Bama fan Scarborough calls out Danielson on Tebow love fest


Before Superman’s cape came off, Scarborough poked fun at Danielson for how much he loves Tim Tebow. Someone had to.

During the Alabama beat down of Florida last Saturday, Danielson and Lindquist couldn’t help but call a scramble by the then dominant and later victorious Alabama QB Greg McElroy “Tebowesque”. It’s odd when heroic sports titans born of our wild imaginations and survivor’s bias die and all that is left is a human being, especially for the titan! Tebow, an avowed devout Christian, writes the book, chapter and verse number of a bible quote on his eye black each week.

His tears as final minutes expired and the Gators hopes of a repeat SEC championship hopes were dashed, his tears ran past “John” under his right eye and “16:33” under his left:

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But, take heart I have overcome the world.”.

Kind of ironic when crying over a football game.

Still, Tebow has been fun to watch and in the end he is a big f*cking barely adult and your college years are forever. I have to believe Alabama pounds Texas’ lights out in the BCS Championship game. Honestly, I don’t think Texas could beat Alabama or Florida. I hope I am right. Every bad, blowout BCS title game would just be more proof that a 16 team playoff is the way to go. The top 16 this year would leave you with 5 undefeated teams, 1 one loss team, 6 two loss teams and 4 three loss teams all squaring off to for a national playoff for a real championship.

1 Alabama 13-0
2 Texas 13-0
3 Cincinnati 12-0
4 TCU 12-0
5 Florida 12-1
6 Boise State 13-0
7 Oregon 10-2
8 Ohio State 10-2
9 Georgia Tech 11-2
10 Iowa 10-2
11 Virginia Tech 9-3
12 LSU 9-3
13 Penn State 10-2
14 Brigham Young 10-2
15 Miami (FL) 9-3
16 West Virginia 9-3
17 Pittsburgh 9-3
18 Oregon State 8-4
19 Oklahoma State 9-3
20 Arizona 8-4
21 Stanford 8-4
22 Nebraska 9-4
23 Utah 9-3
24 USC 8-4
25 Wisconsin 9-3

Check the matchups:

‘Bama v WVU
Texas v The U
Cincy v. BYU
Florida v LSU
Boise v Va Tech
Oregon v Iowa
Ohio State v Georgia Tech

All of those would garner high ratings and strong travel. In addition, the ones I have put in bold, I think would have the highest probability of being closely contested, exciting games. Beamer Ball vs. Boise’s bag of tricks? Florida/LSU rematch?

But no. Instead, we have this sham title game. Ah well, they know I’m going to watch half of the bowls anyway. So let’s go bowling.