Philadelphia Eagles reup Andy Reid through 2013


Andy Reid has established the Eagles as one of the model franchises in the NFL, and he will guide them for at least four more seasons. Reid has signed a three-year extension that expires following the 2013 season; his previous deal ended after next season.

Reid, who was hired in 1999, has won more regular season games (105) and playoff games (10) than any coach in team history. His .611 winning percentage (playoffs included) is also a franchise record.

via Stability: Eagles Sign Reid Through 2013.

He is finally getting the proper esteem as the best coach with the worst game management. A lot of this is thanks to Sabermetrics/Moneyball football analysts.

Keep Choppin’ Wood

Every year, the Philadelphia Eagles manage to dominate our DVOA numbers, yet struggle to make the playoffs and/or be taken seriously as a championship contender. Last Sunday, watching Andy Reid stumble through another late-game clock management mishap before calling for two power runs despite not having a power back on the roster, it became that much harder to resist blaming the coaching staff for the Eagles’ perpetual underperformance. This KCW goes to Reid, and for Mike Tanier’s sake, we hope this is the last one we send to Philly this year.

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What the guys at FO know: the Eagles have no excuse not to be as decorated as the Colts, Pats, Steelers in this era, and they have the players and make enough plays to win, but in close games poor game management, predictable play calling, stupid player mistakes and or clock/timeout management ends up losing this team games.

Although, this year Reid seems to be running the ball with a higher frequency and relying on rookies to come in and contribute immediately, which he didn’t always do in the past. Another thing about Coach Reid is that he likes to prove his doubters wrong enough that people don’t listen to them. He can start this Sunday night on “NBC’s football night in the united states of god bless america this evening” against our hated rivals: Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning and the New York Football Giants.