Gail Collins sums up Lieberman’s about face on his own avowed principles


Lieberman is a spiteful man. Plain and simple.

I used to cover Lieberman when he was the majority leader of the State Senate in Connecticut. We got along very well, except for one interview, during which he talked about working for J.F.K., and how he kept a Mass card from Robert Kennedy’s funeral to remind him of the principles to which he had dedicated his career. Showing me the card, he remarked casually that he hadn’t looked at it for some time.

I wrote an article using the neglected Kennedy card as a metaphor for Lieberman’s fall from his old ideals into the pragmatic politics of a party leader. He was outraged and wounded, and I believe I apologized.

Taking back the apology now.

via Op-Ed Columnist – Sorry, Senator Kerry –

Note: I don’t think a journalist should apologize for someone being outraged and/or wounded if they researched and believed what they wrote.