Tony Blair still believes Iraq War was worth it

Photograph: Ron Edmonds/AP

Photograph: Ron Edmonds/AP

LONDON (AFP) – Tony Blair’s admission that Britain would have backed the Iraq war even if he knew it did not have weapons of mass destruction sparked outrage Sunday and calls for his prosecution for war crimes.
[…] Former UN weapons inspector Hans Blix added: “The war was sold on the WMD, and now you feel, or hear that it was only a question of deployment of arguments, as he said, it sounds a bit like a fig leaf that was held up.”

via Blair Iraq war admission sparks fresh outrage – Yahoo! News.

Blair didn’t just “back” the Iraq War, he went all in he helped wage the Iraq War.

The decision to wage war in Iraq shouldn’t have been contingent only on the question of whether Saddam Hussein was a bad guy (with or our without WMD), he most certainly was. The decision to go to war should have been contingent upon whether unseating Hussein and nation building Iraq was a necessity to protect the domestic sovereignty and citizens of the US, UK and their allies.

We know now, and many of us knew then, that it wasn’t. Blair is either stupid or dishonest.