Stupak is a health care reform double agent


Stupak, is not a Democrat. He represents “The Family”. A C Street flunky, Plain and simple. (h/t John Cole at Balloon Juice)

“Guys – when will we see your letters of opposition to the managers amendment?? We need them ASAP!” wrote Erika Smith, the Stupak aide, at 9:23 this morning, less than an hour after the amendment had become available.

The email’s recipients included key staffers for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, National Right to Life, the Family Research Council, as well as Autumn Fredericks Christensen, aide to top pro-life Republican Chris Smith, and Lanier Swann, a McConnell aide.

A minute after Smith sent out her plea, Lanier reiterated it to the list.

“Nelson is telling people in the building he will vote yes. If there was any time to weigh in against this deal —- THIS IS IT,” Swann wrote at 9:24 a.m.


Stupak said that he was in Northern Michigan, without internet access, when the emails were sent from his office to McConnell’s. Smith “should have let me make up my own mind,” said Stupak.

A spokesman for McConnell declined to comment about the staffers’ exchange.

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Stupak is a sneaky coward. First, he goes the punk route by attaching anti-abortion amendments to health care bills as opposed to trying to pass legislation against reproductive rights on its own. When he gets caught e-mailing his C Street posse the signal to mount up, he throws his aide Erika Smith under the bus, as if she is calling the shots in the Stupak office. Pelosi and Clyburn need to find out how long this guy has been colluding with Republican leadership. Stupak’s I can’t even figure out this gosh darn e-mail thing-a-mabob excuse is ridiculous.

If you are a Democrat and against reproductive rights, fine. Stand on that principle. The caucus can find room in both houses of congress to maintain the pro choice status quo with anti-abortion Democrats under the big tent. Stupak is doing more than standing on his own, he is covertly whipping up interference against his party’s agenda and your colleagues re-election prospects by coordinating with the opposition is plain sabotage.