Why Obama shouldn’t be the only one frustrated with the press


President Obama voices some displeasure with the press that covers national issues and his administration.

But it’s not going to come easily and it is going to require a level of cooperation and a willingness to work strategically together that we have not seen over the last several years. And frankly, this town and the way the political dialogue is structured right now is not conducive to what we need to do to be globally competitive. And all of you are leaders in your communities — in the business sector and the labor sector, in academia, we even have a few pundits here — it is important to understand what’s at stake and that we can’t keep on playing games.

I mentioned that I was in Asia on this trip thinking about the economy, when I sat down for a round of interviews. Not one of them asked me about Asia. Not one of them asked me about the economy. I was asked several times about had I read Sarah Palin’s book. (Laughter.) True. But it’s an indication of how our political debate doesn’t match up with what we need to do and where we need to go.

via What Barack Obama Really Thinks Of The White House Press – Swampland – TIME.com.

Andrea Mitchell, NBC News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent was all over this story from the 12th to the 18th. Here is one of her many reports about the Palin book tour:

Here is Mitchell clamoring to have her questions answered with Sarah Palin’s patented non-answers:

Rachel Maddow giggles about Andrea Mitchell hounding Sarah Palin questions she will refuse to answer.

The President of our country was in China, you know the super power that controls our currency and makes all our stuff, during this same time (Nov 15 to 18th).

Fear not, the press got back to hard news after the Palin book tour was over. Tiger’s mistresses, sexts and the adulterous trysts are the cover story du jour for magazines and newspapers from thanksgiving until now.

Maybe the President is by extension remarking on what is wrong with us.