NHL Winter Classic: Flyers at Bruins


More of these.

Outdoor ice hockey is tailor made for HDTV. It didn’t snow on the game at Boston’s Fenway Park this year, but when it does snow, it is stunning. They should make this a double header in two different cities on New Year’s Day, much like the NBA jump starts interest in their season with five games on Christmas Day.

The Winter Classic is a great way to pull in new eyes to a sport seriously damaged by a foolish work stoppage and expansions to non-hockey cities like Tampa, Florida. For a casual fan like me, who only watches hockey when my hometown Flyers get past the 1st round of the playoffs, it is the only must see hockey.

So fitting that the first fight in a Winter Classic occurred between a Flyer and a Bruin.

Even with Bob Costas interviewing an almost always insufferable Curt Schilling, it was still a fun watch.