DADT Repeal on deck


As he said he would:

Congressional negotiators and White House officials are moving forward with plans to add the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell to the upcoming defense authorization bill, Democratic sources tell the Huffington Post.

In Congress, members are being whipped to ensure that the votes will be there for passage, should the legislation be placed in the bill. At this juncture, aides say, the prospects look good. Meanwhile, a source close to the White House says the president has instructed the Defense Department that he believes the repeal of DADT should be placed in the authorization bill.

via DADT Repeal: Dems Move Forward With Plans.

Everyone asking for him to use executive stop orders should be more excited about this. Obama wants to do it properly. And in using a page out of the GOP book, he is attaching it to a defense authorization bill. Basically, vote against this bill because of DADT and you vote against the troops. This is a big step to ending discrimination in the armed forces and I am glad Obama is pursuing this through the legislature.