Military Regime preempts protests with targeted violence in Iran


Eyewitness reports vetted by reliable groups are now coming out of Iran, indicating that the government response specifically targeted opposition leaders to demoralize the protesters.

Opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi was ambushed as he descended from his vehicle at Sadeghiyeh Square, his son Hossein said in an interview with Tehran Bureau, an independent Western news organization affiliated with PBS’s “Frontline” that reports extensively from Iran. He said Karroubi was being treated for burns to his face and eyes after having been attacked repeatedly with pepper spray.

Hossein Karroubi also confirmed that another of Karroubi’s sons, Ali, had been arrested. He said the family didn’t know where he was being held or how he was being treated.

via Tehran tries to cut off the head – World Blog –

As usual Tehran Bureau and The Daily Dish are two top resources for this.