Why KSM should not be tried as a warrior? He fancies himself one.


But does KSM really “deserve” the honor of a military trial? That is a privilege normally reserved for defendants entitled to call themselves warriors.

It’s no surprise that al Qaeda members would want to be seen as soldiers at war with the United States. Terrorist groups always want to be seen as warriors. Just think of the names they give themselves: the Lord’s Resistance Army, Lashkar-e-Taiba (“Army of the Righteous”), or the Irish Republican Army, to name a few. The warrior mystique helps them to recruit glory-seeking young men to join their cause. It helps them justify the killing of their enemies and portray all of their victims as casualties of combat. It enables men like Osama bin Laden to portray themselves not as outlaws hiding in caves but leaders of great armies, confronting the world’s superpower on a global battlefield.

via KSM Doesn’t Deserve to Be a War Criminal | Foreign Policy.

This strikes me as correct. To think the country that leads the western world in incarceration will have a jury that will acquit KSM is ludicrous. The GOP is delaying the inevitable and are aggrandizing terrorists: people that use guerilla tactics to attack unsuspecting innocents. Holder’s justice department threw out evidence gleaned by torture from KSM. They instead gathered new evidence to try KSM without engaging in torture. The GOP does not want this to come to light. This is part of the party of no strategy, the longer this trial is put off, the longer they can say 44 and his administration are weak on terror. Obama and Holder cannot blink.

Try him in federal court, with all due process, in a domestic venue. It is what the American people deserve.