Brandon Marshall’s problem with Denver


Javon Walker spiral downward from being a top flight wide out to also ran began soon after his teammate, Broncos corner Darrent Willaims was shot, and he died in his lap early New Year’s Day 2007. He may not be the only Broncos WR that has trouble coping with Williams murder.

Marshall stated last fall that his disenchantment with playing for the Broncos wasn’t about owner Pat Bowlen not giving him a robust contract, and I believe him. Marshall wants money, sure, but he’d rather get his paycheck from somewhere else.

Marshall also said during Super Bowl week that he has no personal misgivings about Broncos coach Josh McDan- iels, and again, I believe him. It’s true, Marshall didn’t care for the way McDaniels publicly called him out at season’s end, but the former Central Florida star has survived far greater punishment.

“I come from the George O’Leary methods in college,” Marshall said. “And it doesn’t get any tougher than that.”

Used to getting yelled at, then?

“Not just yelled at — degraded,” Marshall said. “You do something wrong, ‘Hey, bear crawl 200 yards. Wake up at 5 in the morning and do this.’ ”

Does that mean McDaniels isn’t a monster?

“No, Josh isn’t a monster,” Marshall said. “Josh is actually easy to talk to, easy to work with.”

A deeper truth about Marshall, though, is he has been left emotionally scarred by Williams’ murder in the wee hours of Jan. 1, 2007. Marshall was with Williams minutes before his Broncos teammate and good friend died almost instantly from a bullet wound to the neck.

via Klis: Williams’ murder big reason Marshall wants out – The Denver Post.

If Marshall seems to fear for retribution this may even explain his holdouts and erratic behavior. If it does, the next question is: is Marshall being actively threatened?