Yankees Tickets too?


Paterson is just a nut.

Gov. David A. Paterson falsely testified under oath during an ethics investigation into his acceptance of free World Series tickets last fall, according to the State Commission on Public Integrity, which announced on Wednesday that it had asked prosecutors to determine if criminal charges should be brought against the governor.

The commission said Mr. Paterson sought and accepted five free tickets for Game 1 of the World Series at Yankee Stadium. When inquiries were made about the tickets, he testified that he had always intended to pay for them.

The panel said the governor backdated, or had another person backdate, a personal check to buttress his explanation that he had planned to pay the Yankees for the seats, which were behind home plate and had a face value of $425 each.


While it is not uncommon for politicians to receive complimentary tickets to sporting events, state ethics law prohibits executive branch officials from soliciting or accepting gifts of more than nominal value from any lobbyist if the gift appears intended to sway the official. The Yankees were registered last year to lobby the Paterson administration in connection with financing for their stadium.

via David Paterson Misled Inquiry on Gifts, New York Panel Says – NYTimes.com.

Along with allegations he ordered officials in his employ to help cover up David W. Johnson’s abuse of a long time partner, its just time for this guy to take a hike.