LifeLock can’t prevent identity theft? Ya Don’t Say!


Remember how Todd Davis and his semi-truck were going to keep your identity safe, stop junk mail and unsolicited phone calls?

Yea, Todd Davis, he is full of shit.

Identity theft prevention service LifeLock is not as pristine as its reputation claims after all. The company agreed to pay out $12 million to settle charges with the Federal Trade Commission and 35 states, which had said that LifeLock’s identity-theft-prevention claims were false and that the company actually made its own customer data available and unsecured from theft. As it turns out, there is no way to fully guarantee that identity theft won’t happen, no matter what someone puts on the side of a truck.


The company claims to proactively protect your information against fraud, alert you to any kind of shady activity, and reduce credit card offers for $10-15 per month.

via LifeLock fined $12 million over lack of life-locking ability.

Davis’ identity? He LifeLocked it. And then someone LifeJacked it. People believe this garbage and then fork their money over and of course, all they are paying for is someone to put their sensitive info into an unsecured database that was then pilfered for their LifeLocked info.