The Trouble with D.C.


In the world George Will lives in, we are getting richer. not getting rich. Getting MORE rich.

…and the world Rep. Barasso lives in, earning a salary of $40,000/year, only being able to pay for catastrophic health coverage and paying for any other health care out of pocket makes a person a much better health care consumer.

Republican Sen. John Barrasso (Wyo.) said that consumers who can only afford catastrophic coverage are some of “the best consumers of health care,” a claim that President Obama incredulously questioned.

Mr. Obama pointed out that consumers with catastrophic coverage don’t have the luxuries members of Congress can afford. “Would you be satisfied if every member of Congress just had catastrophic coverage?” Mr. Obama asked.

Barrasso said yes, because they would have more “skin in the game.” He also said people with affordability problems often “eat too much” or do not exercise enough.

“Would you feel the same way if you were just making $40,000?” Mr. Obama pressed. “The notion that somehow for them the system is working and if they just ate a little better and were better consumers, they could manage, is just not the case.”

“Members of Congress are in the top income brackets in the country,” the president continued. By contrast, he said, the American people “aren’t sultans.”

via Obama: Americans Aren’t “Sultans” Who Can Afford Great Health Coverage – Political Hotsheet – CBS News.

…And the in the world John Roberts lives in, the Chief Executive of the United States is not supposed to criticize a decision of the highest court of the land during the State of the Union because it may disturb him and his fellow justices .

Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts today called President Obama’s remarks about the court during the State of the Union message “very troubling.”

Speaking to a law school class today in Alabama, Roberts said while anyone is free to criticize the court, the sight of a president dressing down the justices in front of Congress was “very troubling.”

via Chief justice: Obama criticism ‘troubling’ – First Read –

Is it any wonder?