Nigerian Women protest massacres borne of ethnic strife


While all the cable news world obsessed about a trivial conversation between a talk show host’s staged ramblings and his guest’s stream of consciousness admissions of serial perversion:

Hundreds of women have taken to the streets of Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, and the city of Jos in rallies against Sunday’s massacre near Jos.

The women, mostly dressed in black, demanded that the government protects women and children better.

At least 109 people were killed in the ethnic clashes near Jos – many of whom were said to be women and children.

Survivors have told the BBC how they saw relatives and friends hacked down with machetes and their bodies burnt.

Witnesses and officials say the perpetrators came from the mainly Muslim Fulani group. Most of the victims were Christians from the Berom group.

The attacks appear to be retaliation for violence in the villages around Jos in January, when most of the victims were said to be Muslim.

The women in Jos carried placards proclaiming: “Stop killing our future; Bloodshed in the Plateau [State] must stop.”

via BBC News – Nigeria women protest at Jos killings.