Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman, Nominee for Associate Director for Science, Office of Science and Technology Policy


From inside higher ed (Quick Takes: Another Nobel Laureate Joins Obama Administration – Inside Higher Ed):

Dr. Wieman has also worked extensively on research and innovations for improving science education; he was the founding Chair of the National Academy of Sciences Board on Science Education.

via President Obama Announces More Key Administration Posts, 3/22/10 | The White House.

More about Wieman:

The best approach to teaching science is to understand not education, but the scientific method, according to Carl Wieman. In a speech on this idea Friday night, he began with a hypothesis: “We should approach teaching like a scientist,” he said. The outcome will rely on data, not anecdote. “Teaching can be rigorous just like doing physics research.

via News: Back to the Basics on Science Education – Inside Higher Ed.

Huh, imagine that.