Grub: Texas Weiners


Village Voice sent a scout to Philadelphia to grab grub in and around the city. Lesser known than Scrapple, but much more amenable to non-Pa/South Jersey palettes: Texas Weiners.

On the way to the Reading Terminal Market, I stumbled on a distinguished hot dog diner a block away, specializing in what are known around these parts and in parts of New Jersey as “Texas weiners.” These are grilled franks topped with mustard, raw onions, and what is often identified as chili. Most examples are really derivatives of a meat sauce developed by Greek hot dog vendors, and named chili only after chili-con-carne became a food fad at the Columbia Exposition. Actually, the chili now being served at A.P.J. Texas Weiner Restaurant really is a species of chili-con-carne and thus has no beans. The awning notes that the restaurant–which is also a full service lunch counter–was founded in 1920.

via Snapper Soup, Texas Weiners, and Cheesesteaks: Things I Ate in Philadelphia This Weekend – New York Restaurants and Dining – Fork in the Road.

I mess with S&N Texas Wiener (yes the i & e are reversed) in Mantua (aka the Bottom) up on 3963 Lancaster Ave. after a college friend took me there. They all seem to be little dives with greasy food, but its “bad for you good food”.