I Love Internets: TransparencyData.com


This gets me hype.

Today we’re releasing TransparencyData.com, a new service from the Sunlight Foundation, and technically the most challenging thing we’ve ever done. TransparencyData lets you query and download bulk data about transparency. We’re launching with two datasets that have never been merged before, and without an unprecedented amount of access.

We’ve merged all of OpenSecrets data with all the data from FollowTheMoney.org allowing you, for the first time, to get a clear picture of campaign contributions at both the state and federal level. Before now, there were two datasets: the OpenSecrets data focusing on federal data, and the FollowTheMoney data, focusing on state data. Now, finally, you can use TransparencyData.com to query, filter, and download this data.

via Introducing TransparencyData.com – Sunlight Labs: Blog.

A great service and this will be invaluable in the coming campaign being that any company with an operating entity in the US can pour money into US elections.